Mother’s Day
In Memoriam

Maria del Carmen Gonzalez


Our Mother
is always
with us…

Mom Wife
Sister Friend

It has only been
a short while since
you left us, but
it seems like an
eternity already.
The days may be longer this time of
year, but our nights are hardest knowing
you are not near. Those little things you
did for us that we took for granted are
now the biggest thing we miss - your
laugh, your sarcasm, your wit, and your
direct way with words on any occasion.
We miss waking to the smell of your
coffee in the morning knowing you were
first up, and when you turned off the
last light switch knowing the house was
secure. We knew we were loved and
cared for.
We all know where you are now,
and it seems selfish to want you back
when have earned this resting place, but
“Mom, we all miss you and love you very
Marty and all the kids


April 1, 1919 - Sept. 7, 2007

To the Glory of God
and In Loving Memory

~Maria del
Carmen Gonzalez~
January 8, 1934
February 29, 2016

Lynda Freeman

Oct. 19, 1942 - Sept. 24, 2017
We love you,
We love you mom today,
Because you cared for us,
in such a special way.
That’s why we praise you,
we lift you up and we
magnify your name,
That’s why our hearts
are filled with praise!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Reggie, Rhonda, Shira and Shara


Jewel Clark

Aug. 5, 1952 - Nov. 5, 2004

A Loving Mother
Is a gift from God
And because of you
I know how powerful
A Mother’s love can be
I know without a doubt,
How truly fortunate I
Was that God blessed me
With a wonderful Mother
Like YOU!

I Miss You, LaTanjua

Rebecca Louise

Oct. 26, 1983 - Jan. 26, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day
We wish you could be
here with us.
We love you and miss you.
Your three little angels
Destinee, Kaliyah and Amiyah.

Happy Mother’s Day Becky!
We love you always
Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers,
grandparents, aunts, uncles, and
the rest of your family and friends

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven Momma!
With Warm Hearts, We Love & Miss You Momma
Your 10 children, Jose, Johnny, Teddy, Rosie,
Richard, Willie, Dooley, Carmen,
David and Veronica



Dec. 31, 1926 - June 29, 2014

Feb. 18, 1943 - Oct. 27, 1997

Thank you, Mom;
See you soon!

“My child, obey your father’s godly
instruction and follow your mother’s
life-giving teaching. Fill your heart
with their advice… Their wisdom will
guide you wherever you go... Their
instruction will whisper to you at
every sunrise and direct you through a
brand new day.” Proverbs 6:20-22
(The Passion Translation)

She’s the whisper of the leaves as we walk down
the street. She’s the smell of certain foods that we
remember, flowers we pick, and perfume that she
wore. She’s the cool hand on our brow when we’re
not feeling well. She’s our breath in the air on a
cold winter’s day. She’s the sound of the rain that
lulls us to sleep, the colors of a rainbow.
She is Christmas morning. Our Mother lives
inside of our every laughter. She’s crystallized in
every teardrop. The very place we came from, our
first home, and she’s the map we follow with every
step we take. She’s our first love, our first friend
and nothing on earth can separate us from our
Momma. Not time, not space, and not even death.
You are missed each and every day Momma, for
you were someone special who meant more than
words can say.
We have your memory as our keepsake, with
which we’ll never part. God has you in his keeping,
and we have you in our heart.

Marvelous mother
Outstanding woman
The wind beneath our wings
Her children rise up and call her blessed
Everlasting memories of you
Remembering life lessons you taught us

Love your children
Frank Jr., Desiz Maechelle, and Thea

It has been 3 years
and 11 months since
God called you home.
We know that you are not dead
because you are present with the Lord

Happy Mother’s Day!
From your children,
L.J. Jr., Vera, Yvonne, Leola,
and your baby boy, Dwayne
We love and miss your beautiful smile daily

Mary Ann

Lucille D.

Oct. 18, 1932 - Aug. 6, 2015

Dec. 30, 1924 - April 5, 1977


Mother’s Day,

This is our 3rd
Mother’s Day
without you.
You are missed everyday.
Until we see you in Heaven.

All our love,

We will always love
and cherish you

Lita, Rosie, Lupe Jr.,
Andy, Eric,
& grandkids

Your children
Ronald, Clayton, Curtis,
Dell, VonEric, Gloria,
Teresa, Theresa, Carlea



Viola J.M.


Dec. 18, 1932 - April 3, 2014

Sept. 6, 1976 - Nov. 19, 2017

Happy Mother’s
Day Queen!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mama, I wish we could
kiss your cheeks and give
you a dozen roses, look
into your eyes
and tell you all our stories Mama.
We will love you until the end of time.

I think about you
always. I hear your
laugh and see your smile.
You taught me how to be
strong. The family is here
by our side.
We love and miss you dearly.

Everlasting Love
V.J. and Family

Drea, Mary Jane, Krysti’Ana, Grandma,
Ralph, Bo, Joe, and Family