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KILL WEEDS WITHOUT HARMING ST. AUGUSTINE OR BERMUDA GRASS COVER 8,000 SQ. FT. INCLUDES SPRAYER SALE GIGANTIC TIME TO PLANT TRUCK-LOAD DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND Why Go Elsewhere To Shop! 1499 $ Fertilome Weed-Out EXTRA LARGE WACO’S Largest Selection of #1 Plants & Trees Between Dallas & Austin GRASS OR TREES LOOKING BAD? CALL US FOR FREE SERVICE CALL IN THE AREA 772-7890 FERTILIZE LAWNS NOW IS NO JOKE ROSES 23 WINTERIZING You Can Have The Prettiest KNOCK-OUT in bloom 99 RED , PINK Grass In22.99 The Neighborhood This Summer If You Act Now. FRESH LOAD HOSTAS FERTILIZE GRASS NOW 99 10 FROM PURPLE BLOOMING VITEX IN BLOOM 1999 BOSTON FERNS 1199 A perfect fertilizer plus weed killer to protect your grass and trees. Weed and feed is a pre-emerge weed killer. Keeps weeds from coming up. FREE Labor To Apply In Area 1 Bag covers lot size 50x50 Ft. 2 Bags covers lot size 50x100 Ft. 3 Bags covers lot size 75x100 Ft. 4 Bags overs lot size 100x100 Ft. FOR BERMUDA AND ST. AUGUSTINE COVERS 2500 Sq. Ft. “NEW” CORAL & WHITE KNOCK OUT $9.95 FUEL SURCHARGE ROSE’S AVAILABLE 2 Bags minimum EXTRA NICE LIVE OAK TREES RED OAK TREES 99 59 EACH 50% OFF ALL VEGETABLES REG. 1.39 for .69¢ BLOOMING HYDRANGEAS 6 VARIETIES 12 99 FROM GRAY & GREEN SANTOLINA 9 99 RED YUCCA’S IN BLOOM REG. 29.95 BIGGEST HERBS 1.99 Mother-In-Law Plants 2499 SALE OF THE YEAR MARIGOLDS ESPERANZA DAISIES SALVIA GERANIUMS PLUMBAGO IMPATIENTS LANTANA HARDY LARGE WAX LEAF SAVE NOW 18.99 EXTRA NICE LIVE OAK TREES STARTS TODAY RED OAK TREES Beautiful Paper Shell PECAN TREES 6 Gal......................6995 15 Gal...................16995 ALL HANGING BASKETS 2.00 OFF TREES, TREES All Sizes 5999 EACH ELEPHANT FRESH EAR BULBS POTHOS IVY FROM 3.99 GREAT TREES REG. 15.99 7.99 NOW IS THE BEST PLANTING TIME OF THE YEAR Pear Trees 39.99 Red Maples 129.95 Southern Magnolias BIG 99.99 39.95 SPRINKLER SYSTEM BEAUTIFUL and Ready Red Oaks Ft. 59.95 to Plant Live Oaks 8/10100.00 OFF INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS Bald Cypress 39.00 95 Nice 00 DERRICK HOUCK & UP Chinese Pistachio 199.00 LI 21235 CALL 772-7890 RED LEAF JAPANESE MAPLES BLOOMING PURPLE ALL HANGING BOSTON COLOR PLANTS SOCIETY GARLIC BASKETS FERNS BEGONIAS DIANTHUS OXALIS 2.00 OFF 11.99 NEW SHIPMENT 2299 16900 FREE USE OF SPREADERS LIVE OAKS 199 29 OVER 100 ST. AUGUSTINE NEW SHIPMENT OF PLUGS ARE HERE VENUS FLY 18 PLUGS TO TRAY TRAPS WISTERIAS BLOOMING 11.99 8.99 FROM 11.99 GARDENIAS ST. AUGUSTINE GRASS RED LEAVES 39 99 PHOTENIAS FROM 999 & UP SOUTHERN DWARF MAGNOLIAS 39.99 BLOOMING GERANIUMS REG. 5.99 Now 3 99 8.99 1000’s FROM OF NEW 139 PALLETS PIECES COLOR PLANTS Blooming PENTAS.......................................1.99 MEXICAN SYCAMORE Save 5.00...............29.95 Hardy SWEET VIBURMUM Save 5.00.........27.99 NELLIE R. STEVENS HOLLY Save 5.00........16.99 Sun or Shade CALADIUMS from..................2.99 LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE PLANTING OUR SPECIALTY FREE 1 PLANNING CONSULTATION ESTIMATES WESTVIEW NURSERY & LANDSCAPE CO. 2 Locations 10,000 Woodway Drive 776-2334 1136 N. Valley Mills Drive 772-7890 Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30 • Open Sunday 12:00-5:00 LOBLOLLY PINES 19.99 LEMON GRASS From 1.99 & Up OPEN SUNDAY WACO & WOODWAY