PUBLIC NOTICE Per requirements of TX Property Code, Title 6A, Ch. 80, The Contemporary Austin Museum, Inc. (TCA) publicly announces that the following art is abandoned, unless TCA receives a verifiable claim to it within 65 days of this notice's final publication. If TCA receives no such claim, ownership of the property irrevocably vests in TCA. Contact Thomas Edwards at TCA, 3809 W 35th St, Austin, 78703, 512-453-5312, exhibitions@ § Paul Currier, former photographer for Baylor Lariat, color photos, n.d.: 3 titled Daisies and Bicycle, mounted on Crescent board, and 3 titled Red Cup #2, mounted on fiberboard, donated to Laguna Gloria Art Museum by artist, 1969; Dolores A. Hinson of Waco in c. 1982 donated her works Snow in the Summer Quilt, 1968, cotton and Quilting Manual, 1970, printed book. §