Live music in Waco is an act of love in many ways as many local bands and musicians will tell you there's no money in it and crowd turnout is often fickle.

Sometimes a pat on the back from peers can go a long way and it's in that sense that the Music Association of Central Texas gives its annual Groovy Awards: a pat on the back for talent, support and encouragement.

Last week, MACT members awarded this year's winners in 20 categories. Congratulations to all.

Best Performers

Solo/Duo - Jonna Mae

Female Vocalist - Kayla Ray

Male Vocalist - John Maxwell

Guitarist - Isaac Martinez

Bassist - Chris Gore

Drummer - Nathan Price

Instrumentalist - Robert Lindell

Songwriter - Isaac Martinez, "Only, The Lonely Come Back Home"

Horizon Award - Kyrstin Baird

Best Bands

Entertainer of the Year - North of Navasota

Rock - Los Roachez, North of Navasota (tie)

Country - Brett Hendrix Band

Christian - 10th Leper

Rhythm-and-blues - Bubba Haze

Heavy metal - 13 Shots

Jazz - $5 Shake

Best Venues

Club - O'Briens

Music - The Backyard

Best Music Video

Troy Shaw, "Eddie's Song - A Tribute to David Zychek"

Best Promotion/Production

TW Sullivan

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor