The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces this year's Oscar winners on Sunday night, March 4, which means this weekend may offer the best local - and possibly last - chance to see some of the Best Picture nominations.

Both AMC and Regal movie chains have brought back Best Picture nominees for repeat runs, though not all at one time. The latest repeat runs overlap today (Thursday, March 1) and this weekend, giving local movie fans a final opportunity to see some films they may have missed. 

Winding up their runs Thursday are "Get Out," four nominations including Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya) and Best Director (Jordan Peele);  "Darkest Hour," six nominations including Best Actor (Gary Oldman) and Cinematography (Bruno Delchannel); and "Call Me By Your Name," three nominations including Best Actor (Timothee Chalamet).

Returning on Friday are "Lady Bird," five including Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan), Best Supporting Actress (Laurie Metcalf) and Best Director (Greta Gerwig); "Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri," seven including Best Actress (Frances McDormand) and Best Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson); and "Phantom Thread," six including Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), Best Supporting Actress (Lesley Manville) and Best Director (Paul Thomas Anderson).

Still in town: "The Shape Of Water," 13, including Best Actress (Sally Hawkins), Best Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer), Best Supporting Actor (Richard Jenkins), Best Director (Guillermo del Toro) and Cinematography (Dan Lautsen); and "The Post," two including Best Actress (Meryl Streep).

Missing in action in these returns for some reason has been Christopher Nolan's war film "Dunkirk," which is one of those films that deserves a big screen for showing.

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor