In a city where support of the visual arts seems spotty at times, there’s nothing like the convergence of name recognition and photography. Well, and quality.

Exhibit A: The recent touring show of works by famed American photographer Ansel Adams at Baylor University’s Martin Museum of Art.

The exhibition of black-and-white prints ran for nine weeks at the university gallery and drew 6,024 visitors, according to museum director Karin Gilliam.

That’s pretty impressive and then the second shoe drops: Visitors to the museum during the 2012-13 season totaled 6,090.

One photography exhibit drew more visitors to the Martin in little more than two months than the museum had the entire year before.

It reminded me of Art Center Waco’s experience in 2007 when an exhibition of color prints by globe-trotting photographer Steve McCurry, best known for his haunting portraits of an Afghan girl on a National Geographic cover, blew away the center’s attendance record.

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