When Baylor took the media on a McLane Stadium tour a few months ago, I was wondering how it could possibly be finished for the season opener against SMU on Aug. 31.

After the latest tour Wednesday, it’s clear the stadium is well on schedule.

Austin-Flintco project manager Jim Heley said the $260 million stadium is 80 percent finished. They took us up to the press box level, and it’s not hard to imagine what a stunning sight it’s going to be on game day when the stadium is full.

The views from the stadium overlooking the campus are amazing. Baylor alumni coming back for the games will get a real sense of how the whole campus has developed and expanded. The tailgating and sailgating are going to make the stadium experience a unique atmosphere.

Some people are probably asking why Baylor didn’t build the stadium larger than 45,000 capacity, roughly the same as Floyd Casey Stadium without the end zone tarp pulled.

By keeping it that size, the Bears will create more of a home-field advantage. With more than 28,000 season tickets already sold, and Baylor students taking much of the remaining space, there won’t be much room left for the opposing team’s fans.

Fans from Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Nebraska have taken over Floyd Casey in the past, especially before Art Briles built the football program to the Big 12 championship level that it is today.

Football season is only four months away. It can’t come soon enough.

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