Brice Cherry, John Werner, Jason Orts and David Ash break down how Baylor and local recruits did on National Signing Day.

  • Baylor had all 23 of its recruits signed by 10 a.m. What does this say about Art Briles' recruiting game?
  • Baylor signed four highly regarded receivers. The Bears are so deep at the position, will the new guys even play?
  • All the new signees were recruited from a Holiday Bowl season. How will Baylor do after a Big 12 championship?
  • As for local high school players, 17 of our Centex 25 signed, and 20 more signed who weren't in the top 25. Who has the best chance to succeed at the next level? Who surprisingly didn't sign?
  • We pretend we are 17 and talented, and we pick the five schools we would visit if we were highly recruited.

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