Baylor junior running back Johnny Jefferson has missed recent practices with a foot injury, and was also involved in a car wreck in which he injured his ribs.

But Baylor interim coach Jim Grobe doesn’t want to rush him back to practice since there is so much depth at running back.

“Everybody handles pain differently,” Grobe said. “The thing we’re always looking for as coaches is we don’t want to put a kid on the field that can hurt himself worse. The great news is we’ve got four good running backs and a couple of walk-on kids who have really been good for us as far as practice wise.”

Baylor senior defensive tackle Byron Bonds hasn’t practiced during preseason camp and might not play this season due to a knee injury.

“If he came back after three or four games or midseason and we needed him that would be great,” Grobe said. “I think the way we’re looking at it is we have to prepare to go without him. But I feel really good about our front right now. I think we’re in good shape.”