Baylor basketball managers screenshot
Twitter screenshot

You’ve heard of DudePerfect, right? From an epic swish from the upper deck of Kyle Field, those dudes built an empire around the art of the trick shot.

It remains to be seen whether the Baylor men’s basketball managers will one day have their own such conglomerate, but they’ve recently made national waves with some trick shot artistry of their own.

A group of the team’s managers created a video in which they made a variety of trick shots from throughout the Ferrell Center. The real trick? They weren’t shooting at the basket, but rather bouncing balls into the ball rack.

After the managers posted the video to social media — they have their own Twitter account, @AllinBUmanagers — it spread like wildfire, and “went viral,” as the kids say. That even led to two of the managers, Spencer Smith and Vanguard graduate Drew Mastin, being interviewed on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Thursday morning.

Much like DudePerfect, the video — which includes shots of the guys bouncing a ball off the wall, rolling it down the tarp over the team tunnel and an inventive, incredible shot where they rolled the ball down the stairs from the upper deck of the arena — required multiple attempts. Just how many? They told ESPN that the down-the-stairs shot encompassed about six hours over the course of two days.

“I’m probably most proud of the stairs one, just because it took so long,” Smith said. “I got pretty frustrated in the middle of doing it. But I got a hot streak, so I kept going and finally made it.”

Managers don’t normally get such attention, so they’re enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. They’ve even hinted at a possible sequel.

Maybe the managers were destined to such greatness. Back at Vanguard, Mastin’s classmates voted him “Most likely to be seen on ESPN.”