With each passing day, it becomes easier to see passes being thrown in Baylor Stadium.

Wednesday’s stadium tour provided the media a different perspective than either of the past two tours. We were able to file in through the north end zone entrance and walk up the stairs, just as fans will do come Aug. 31, 2014.

If you’re a longtime Baylor fan, you’ve recognized a lot of the fan-friendly touches that have been added at Floyd Casey Stadium over the past 10 years. From massive photo banners adorning the exterior stadium walls to the Grant Teaff Plaza honoring the school’s all-time winningest football coach, the Case has developed its own unique football ambience.

Baylor administrators are hoping to carry that vibe to Baylor Stadium, and build upon it. For instance, some have wondered how the Baylor Line will operate at the new digs. Well, here’s the skinny: They’ll follow the band down a ramp on the south end zone side, do their traditional charge onto the field, and then file into a tunnel and enter their seats from underneath the stadium, rather than causing the kind of massive traffic congestion we sometimes see now at Baylor games.

“We feel like we’ve taken a great tradition and enhanced it,” Baylor associate AD Todd Patulski said. “My daughter (Lauren) is a freshman next year, and I’m looking forward to having her test it out.”

Other things that will carry over: Grant Teaff’s statue will make the move, to go along with a new statue that’s been commissioned of 2011 Heisman winner Robert Griffin III. The pregame “March of the Bears” will continue, with players making their way across the Brazos on the main pedestrian bridge and through the tailgate area before descending into the stadium on the south end zone ramp (just like the Baylor Line).

The west side of the stadium will also feature a large tribute to the Case and that stadium’s history, with artwork and such on a freestanding brick wall, BU officials said.

“We want to bring over that story that Baylor fans are accustomed to and love,” Patulski said.

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