Perhaps you’ve seen the new ESPN commercials featuring Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. In them, Coach K is shown texting various former players, including one where he complains because he can only find a purple devil under his emojis.

The joke is an easy one: 68-year-old struggles with modern technology.

But here’s the reality. If you’re a coach in today’s college athletic landscape, you’d better be able to communicate via your mobile device.

Baylor understands this, and it’s one reason why the school’s athletic department has partnered with Teamworks, a company which provides communication software for athletic organizations. Baylor joins Texas as the second Big 12 school to hire Teamworks, which seeks to centralize staff and player communication throughout the athletic department.

What exactly does that mean? Well, a few things.

“Say a coach wants to let all his players know that practice has been moved up,” said Teamworks spokesperson Margaret Pentrack. “He can use the Teamworks app to send out a mass text message to his entire team. It’s customizable, too. Messages can be scheduled to go out a week later, or a football coach can send out a message to just a certain position group.”

Available both online and through mobile apps, Teamworks’ messaging network allows coaches to send text, email, voicemail or push notifications all with a few clicks.

“As time goes on, more athletic departments are starting to realize that communication is just as important, if not more, of an asset to an athletic department as any other resource,” said the company’s founder Zach Maurides.

It’s not just coaches doing the communicating, either. Let’s say an athlete is late for a tutoring session. That tutor can log a note about the tardiness into the app, informing the coach in an instant.

No excused absences for a missed study hall or practice? Kind of makes me glad I attended college back in the Dark Ages of the 1990s.