Baylor is back in action and in the national spotlight after a week off, and sports staffers Brice Cherry, John Werner and Jason Orts are still on hand to break down all things Big 12 and BU. On tap this week:

• After nearly two weeks of chatter, the Jarrett Stidham Era at Baylor is finally upon us as the Bears take on Kansas State in Manhattan on Thursday. Both the Bears and Wildcats had open dates last week, so they've both had time to prepare. Which team does that extra time help more, and how do you see this game unfolding?

• Wild speculation time: Let's say Stidham plays great the rest of the way, Baylor goes 5-0 and wins a third straight Big 12 title. By the time spring rolls around, is there a quarterback controversy between him and Seth Russell?

• Brice presents a suspicious email from a Janet C. praising him for sticking with Oklahoma State all season, even though he ditches the Cowboys this week and picks TCU.

• From a Big 12 perspective, is it best if TCU and Baylor both win out to set up that ultimate Black Friday showdown?

• A video went viral this past week poking fun at the stereotypical fan at each Big 12 school. It was called “Things Big 12 Fans Say.” What would be your own additions to the list?

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