A few weeks ago, West resident Don Garretson took stock of McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna’s failure to convict Dallas Bandidos chieftain Jake Carrizal last fall; the likelihood of similar failures in prosecuting 154 motorcyclists indicted in the deadly 2015 Twin Peaks biker shootout; and, finally, more than a hundred potentially costly lawsuits alleging Reyna led in the slaughter of these bikers’ civil rights, upending lives, careers and family savings.

Last week saw a remarkable televised town-hall meeting dominated by Stoneman Douglas High students and teachers, most of them outraged over the Valentine’s Day mass shooting that left 17 fellow students and teachers dead. The culprit in this massacre: a former student armed with an AR-15 rifle. Only hours later NRA firebrand Wayne LaPierre, speaking before the Conservative Political Action Conference, warned that “opportunists” now use this massacre to push a “socialist agenda” that includes scrapping gun rights.